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The Cost of Free: Why SLC Junk Doesn't Offer Free Scrap Metal Pick-up


Curious why we don't do free scrap metal pick-up? Let's dive into it and uncover why it's not as feasible as it seems.

The Truth About Scrap Metal

While the idea of scrap metal might conjure visions of easy cash, the reality is far more complex. Yes, items like water heaters, appliances, and exercise equipment do hold some value in scrap, but extracting that value requires more than just loading them onto a truck.

Counting the Costs

Take a look at the receipt on the right totaling $43.00 from pieces collected from over 6 different jobs. Let me say that again OVER 6 different jobs. To give you a visual idea of what that looks like, we filled our 7 cubic yard trailer 3/4 of the way full of non-donatable metal items. Sounds decent, right? Well, hold on. When you factor in the costs of labor, transportation, and recycling fees, that profit margin starts to shrink significantly.

Additional Expenses

Now, consider the hidden expenses. Certain metal items, such as refrigerators, often come with additional fees for proper disposal. For instance, take a look at the receipt on the left indicating a -$20.00 drop-off fee for a fridge. Also, if you're unfamiliar with what the metal recycling yard looks like, there are hundreds of thousands of small metal pieces scattered along the ground, so every time we enter the facility we run a high risk of getting a flat tire on the truck or the trailer. Which, I know that you know, doesn't come as a small expense. Suddenly, what seems like a straightforward transaction becomes a bit more complicated.

You might be thinking, "You still got $23.00!" Yes, we did, but that was from a large load. A single item like a washer or dryer which are our most commonly requested no-charge pick-ups may end up only being approximately $3-$5, on a good day, which may only cover a few minutes of 1 employee's hourly wage and no other expenses.

We're A Business

At SLC Junk, we're not just in the business of hauling junk; we're in the business of making smart decisions. While the notion of offering free scrap metal pick-up may seem appealing on the surface, it's simply not financially sustainable for us in the long run. At SLC Junk we have made it a part of our mission to pay our employees a wage that can keep up with inflation and the current economy, while, like any business, we also have bills that need to be paid to keep the business afloat.

Other Business Models

Although there are companies and scrappers out there that primarily focus on scrap metal (and they do great work), they have a business model that is supported solely by metal recycling. However, for SLC Junk to be able to provide a wider variety of high-quality services, it is not feasible for our business to pick up metal items for free.


So, there you have it. Free scrap metal pick-up isn't as simple as it sounds. We hope this sheds some light on why we do things the way we do. Thanks for understanding and supporting us as we navigate the world of junk removal.

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